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About Us


Xslaves.org is a student-founded and student-led not-for-profit organization which was created around a singular mission: to eradicate slavery worldwide.  Our primary focus is delivering educational, vocational training, microcredit, and other sustainable assistance programs in Africa and throughout the world where slavery proliferates.

We believe the best way to attack the issue of slavery is by addressing its root causes. Slavery tends to flourish in areas that suffer from poverty, lack of education, war, and political instability.  Our central goal is to support former slaves in achieving economic independence and self-sufficiency.  After a life of captivity and forced labor, many former slaves and abducted individuals find themselves ill-prepared to face the enormous challenges required to survive and live independently. With little or no education and no skills that would enable them to generate income, former slaves often struggle with their transition to freedom and face numerous reintegration challenges.

Xslaves.org has been working with our partner organizations Free the Slaves and Friends of Orphans in Northern Uganda to offer sustainable assistance programs focused on the reintegration and rehabilitation of former child soldiers.  Our current donor challenge is to raise $53,000 to build a permanent vocational training workshop which will be used to teach former child soldiers the skills they will need to earn a living and in many cases start their own businesses. The workshop, which will be a one-of-a-kind facility in Pader County, will be a central element of a planned comprehensive secondary school and an important component of an overall economic development plan for the region. Click here to learn more about the vocational training workshop project.

Xslaves.org is utilizing a highly leveraged “franchise” model in our effort to quickly and effectively build a successful charity.  We encourage and support others in starting their own Xslaves.org chapters and are open to working with people of all faiths. We provide them with the resources and support to grow their own charities. In addition to the obvious benefits of accelerated growth, we believe this model helps to create more of an “ownership” mentality, whereby chapter leaders have a greater commitment to our cause and increased accountability for results. 

Our all-volunteer team is comprised of students and other individuals throughout the world who are passionate about our cause and eager to make a difference in the world.  Our Advisory Board is comprised of business leaders across a broad range of industries: Marlene Berne (President, Berne Advisors Ltd.), Michael Brown (ex- CEO/Chairman of Quantum Corp. and current board member of 5 companies), Taylor J. Crouch (CEO, eStudySite), Dan Lilly (President, Two Tree International), Jim Hollen (President, RICH LTD.), Ken Hollen (President, Birch Street Partners), Scott Nyquist (Director, McKinsey & Company, Inc.), and Peter Yozzo (President and CEO, ThinkHR). 

We thank you in advance for your interest, your generosity, and your support.